In early 1948, after having attended some retriever events on the west coast, a small group of sportsmen including Dr. John Lundy, Dr. Don Copple, Virgil Parker and Dr. Craig decided to start a retriever club in the Boise area. The Idaho Retriever Club was introduced to the public with a retriever exhibition in spring 1948 held at Lake Lowell - with an estimated 1200 spectators in attendance.

Numerous retriever training demonstrations (held at the 16th Street bridge on the Boise River) and club trials were held in that first year to generate interest -- all reported on by the Idaho Statesman. Julia Davis Park lagoon  became a popular “in town” training area for the local Labradors and Chesapeakes and their trainers.

The Idaho Retriever Club held their first AKC sanctioned field trial in April 1949. In May 1950, the Club held its first AKC licensed trial in Sun Valley. In 1952, the first local dog became a field champion - “Snake River Dilly” (Labrador) owned by Mrs. Fentress Kuhn and trained by Cliff Brassfield. Many years of retriever field trials and events have ensued.

In the mid-1980’s, IRC became an early participant in AKC’s new Hunt Test program. By the 1990’s, IRC was holding two AKC field trials and two AKC hunt tests each year, along with club trials each spring -- continuing the rich history begun in 1948.


























1948: Retriever Exhibition




Dr. John C. Lundy and Atom Bob




1949: First AKC sanctioned field trial




Snuffy Bellevue, Dr. Lundy and Unknown (L-R)



1950:  First AKC licensed field trial in Sun Valley








Circa 1950: Field trial at Lake Lowell/Bradley Field





















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